Orlando man recovering after bitten by shark in Daytona Beach

An Orlando man is home from the hospital after he was bitten by a shark this week. 

Bryan Olivares, 33, was bitten by a shark Monday afternoon at Daytona Beach. He is the 6th person who has been bitten by a shark in Volusia County so far this year. He said he was jumping waves with his family when he felt a sharp pain in his foot.

"I felt like a bump something touches me and not even a second later I felt something that hurts," said Olivares.

He rushed to shore, fainted, and then was put in an ambulance and sent to Halifax Health. He had to have surgery to repair his tendons.

"Like something that you cut with a knife," said Olivares. "That’s the feeling and burning."

Shark experts say there are typically ten shark bites in Volusia County every year and about 25 in Florida annually with the peak months being in August and September. A shark expert we spoke with said it's key to swim with friends.

"When you’re in a group of people it’s harder for sharks to pick on one person, they get confused by lots of people. And, also if there’s more than one of you and someone gets in trouble someone is there to help you," said Gavin Naylor, the Director of the Florida Program for Shark Research.

Olivares is thankful it wasn't worse and that he came home in one piece.

"I feel lucky," said Olivares. "I feel lucky, and I’m glad I’m complete and that I’m not missing any limbs."

Olivares is also grateful that he was swimming near a lifeguard because he said he was able to get medical attention right away, and he urges anyone coming to the beach to swim near a lifeguard tower.