Orlando police search for baby, possibly abandoned by mother

Orlando Police accuse 30-year-old Susan Richardson of discarding her newborn baby.  Officers are now tasked with searching for the baby.

“Our officers were out there all night last night.  We had blood hounds, cadaver dogs, a search and rescue team, last night looking for this newborn,  for baby Willow,” said Chief John Mina, of the Orlando Police Dept.

Officers say Richardson gave birth to the baby at the Willow Bend Apartment complex off of Silver Star Road; that’s why they’ve named the newborn baby Willow. According to police, they found evidence of afterbirth, but they say Richardson isn’t telling them where the baby is.  Now they’re asking for the public’s help to find her.

“We always hold out hope and that’s one of the reasons we named her because we want people to see her as a person; maybe come forward with information, maybe someone took the baby after it was abandoned, but we don’t give up hope; we’re going to continue to search,” Mina said.

Johnny Brown says Richardson is his girlfriend and told FOX35 he was questioned by police. “They just asked me did she tell me where the baby was and they just wanted to know did I know that she had the baby,” Brown said.

Authorities are asking that if anyone saw Richardson in the Willow Bend area on foot around 10 a.m. to noon to please call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).