Orlando weather: Warm, dry weather dominates Central Florida forecast

Central Florida can expect mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures this week, with highs reaching the mid-upper 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to meteorologists, a heat surge is forecast for Thursday through the weekend, with temperatures climbing into the 90s. In inland areas, where dry air is expected to mix into the atmosphere, temperatures in the mid-90s are likely. This could exceed typical computer model projections commonly used in weather apps. Many central Florida locations could approach all-time record highs on Friday and Saturday, although coastal areas may experience slightly lower temperatures.


The dry conditions are expected to persist, with no significant rainfall forecast for at least a week and a half. A cold front is predicted to reach central-north Florida by next Monday or Tuesday, but the likelihood of rain in our area remains uncertain. Rain chances may diminish as the front approaches, potentially leaving any significant precipitation confined to northern Florida.


With increasingly dry ground, breezy conditions, and hot weather in the forecast, experts warn of rapidly escalating brush and wildfire risks throughout the week.


For more weather updates, stay tuned to local forecasts.