Orlando weather: Scattered storms will bring steamy Friday to Central Florida

Tonight's low: 78 degrees | Tomorrow's high: 92 degrees 

Main weather concerns: Hot and humid conditions continue on Friday. Highs will rise into the mid-90s inland, closer to 90 along the coast by this afternoon. There's enough moisture present to promote a 50% chance of scattered storms mainly after 3 pm this afternoon.

A Heat Advisory has been issued in the northern Central Florida counties. The heat index could rise to nearly 109 degrees this afternoon. Lack of rain and times of max sunshine means more heat.

Rain chances will be a bit lower along the immediate coastal areas. Any rain that develops will be wrapping up around 8 p.m. or so, partly cloudy skies are expected later tonight with lows falling into the mid-upper 70s. The heat index will remain in the 102-107 degree range through the rest of the week.

BEACHES: The beaches will feature bright, bold sunshine to start the day, and clouds will increase a bit through late morning. Rain will be possible mainly after 3 p.m. as a few storms develop. 

THEME PARKS: It will be another steamy day at the theme parks. Highs will reach the mid-90s with the heat index reaching the triple digits. Storm chances will rise by 3 p.m. with heavy rain, lightning, and the chance for gusty winds. Don't forget to reapply sunscreen.

OUTLOOK: Rain chances drop through the end of the week to around 40-50% coverage. This will cause temperatures to ride into the mid-90s. Heat index readings will remain in the triple digits. Download the FOX 35 Storm Team weather app so you can track storms in your neighborhood by using the interactive radar feature. 

Remember, when thunder roars, head indoors. Rain chances will rise again by late weekend as more moisture arrives on a developing Gulf of Mexico airflow. This will likely cause an earlier start to the rain on Sunday over the Western Counties, spreading East closer to the Atlantic by mid-day, something to watch for.

TRACKING THE TROPICS: Tropical Storm Don looks to gain some strength in the coming days, as it loops to the west and then north over the open Atlantic.  Don is no threat to land but, some of the swell energy generated by DON will trickle into beaches along the Eastern Seaboard over the next several days.

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 Longer term, the FOX 35 STORM TEAM is monitoring a wave exiting off of Western Africa over the next few days. Some forecast models are developing this feature as it moves westbound through the Tropical Atlantic. Depend on the FOX 35 Storm Team as we continue to watch this feature closely