Orlando weather: Pop-up showers possible ahead of near-record heat this week in Central Florida

Central Florida can expect a brief respite from the scorching sun on Tuesday afternoon and evening as scattered showers and downpours are forecast.

Following this, a wave of intense heat is set to sweep across the region from Wednesday through Friday, with Thursday poised to be the peak of the sweltering conditions. Inland areas can anticipate temperatures soaring into the mid to upper 90s, while coastal regions will experience slightly cooler temperatures hovering around 90 degrees.


Thursday's temperatures may flirt with record-breaking levels, urging residents to take precautions to stay cool and hydrated.

As the week draws to a close, attention shifts to the possibility of severe weather in the northern reaches of Florida. Although strong to severe storms could affect areas within FOX 51's coverage zone on Friday evening, forecasts indicate that these storms are unlikely to reach as far south as Orlando.


Looking ahead to the Mother's Day weekend, aside from isolated showers, conditions are expected to remain generally favorable for outdoor activities.

However, a significant shift in weather patterns is anticipated for the following week. Between Monday and Thursday, the region faces the potential impact of one or two weather systems, bringing with them the prospect of rain, gusty winds, and thunderstorms. Of particular note is the potential for these rain showers to alleviate the ongoing drought conditions, with a 50-70% chance of receiving over an inch of precipitation across all areas by next Thursday.

The exact timing and intensity of these weather events are yet to be determined, but meteorologists anticipate a notable drop in temperatures, with highs ranging from the low to mid-80s. Depending on the timing of the rain-producing systems, temperatures could even dip into the upper 70s.

Orlando 7-Day Weather Forecast