Palm Bay police ID woman found dead in car trunk

Jillian Kusznir's Facebook page was filled with messages from friends and loved ones who learned she was the young woman found dead inside the trunk of a car parked on Vienna Street in Palm Bay yesterday.

The resident who first saw the late model silver Buick, called 911 when he noticed the trunk was open.  "I think there's a dead body in it," said the caller.  Then, he tells the operator he checked the video recorded by his surveillance camera.  "I've got surveillance on my building, and I have somebody dropping it off last night about a quarter after five."

Detectives are still reviewing his surveillance video for clues, but so far, have not been able to identify what appears to be a white man walking away from the car in which Kusznir's body was found.  How the 23-year-old woman died remains a mystery as well, but police are hoping the Medical Examiner, who conducted her autopsy on Tuesday, will be able to determine the cause of her death.

In 2013, Kusznir was a witness to the violent shooting deaths of two friends inside Stephen Wright's home on Thuringer Street in Palm Bay.  Kusznir told detectives she bought marijuana from Wright, when her friends, Dylan Kane and Sean Pino, got into an argument with him and forced their way inside the home. Wright shot and killed both men, but after interviewing witnesses, including Kusznir, the State Attorney's Office decided her friend's deaths were justifiable homicides.   No charges were filed in the case.

FOX 35 reached out to several relatives of Kusznir, but all declined to comment.