Parents of slain daughter relieved Markeith Loyd captured, behind bars

Markeith Loyd is behind bars after being on the loose for over a month.  

In addition to being a suspect in the killing of an Orlando police officer, he is charged with murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her unborn child.  The slain woman's parents talked to us about Loyd finally being caught.

For Ronald Daniels and Stephanie Dixon-Daniels, the last 35 days have been miserable. Police say Loyd killed their daughter, Sade, who was pregnant with Loyd's baby.

"The fed squad called me, and said, 'We got him!' And I'm like, 'Excuse me?' And he said, 'We got him! We got Markeith!'" Stephanie explained.   "It's a big relief off our shoulder, and I finally got me some sleep last night."

Loyd is also accused of shooting Sade's brother, Ronald Steward.  

"It's been rough, always tense. Like your head's on a swivel, because you never know where he is and if he's coming back," Ronald said.

He never came back, but the nightmare continued after police say 41-year-old Loyd ended up shooting and killing Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton.  

We asked what they thought of Loyd's battered face after the caught him.

"No reaction to it.  I'm just glad he's caught and he's alive, cause he could answer those questions that everybody asks.  Why Sgt. Clayton? [Clayton received a posthumous promotion] Why my daughter? Why your unborn child? Why would you want to kill an unborn child? It was like you had no remorse."

They never thought he would do something like this.

"He seemed like a normal guy, told me how much he loved my daughter and how beautiful she was, and they were so excited for the baby," said Stephanie. 

But now they're faced with raising Sade's two young children alone, and making sure their own son is getting the care he needs after the tragic shooting.

"He's doing good. He still has to learn how to walk. He still has a lot of therapy to go through and now we're financially burdened," Ronald said. 

As the case goes to court, they plan to be there everyday.

"I want justice to be served. pause  We finally get our chance for justice and hopefully the system works."

Stephanie said Sade's birthday is coming up, and she would have turned 25.  They plan to celebrate, now that Loyd is in jail.