Pelosi touts Demings, but Fahmy crashes party

Central Florida's wide-open race for the 10th Congressional District got more interesting when Minority Leader and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to town. She visited to tour a small business in the district and show her support for former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings in the race. 

But moments after she was introduced, she was interrupted by candidate and attorney Fatima Fahmy. Fahmy told us before the event, she was crashing the party, because Pelosi and other national party types should not decide the outcome of the Democratic Primary. "We have the power brokers in D.C. putting a thumb on the scale for one of four candidates, and it's entirely unfair

Fellow candidate Bob Poe agreed. The former head of the Florida Democratic Party tells FOX 35 that Pelosi will not decide this race, but there are 424 other "Nancy"s on the voter roll in District 10 that will be the decision makers. He plans to work to earn their votes.  

The Former Speaker of the House told the small crowd that part of the reason she is throwing her support to Demings is how Demings handled herself in taking on incumbent Dan Webster back in 2012.  "This is not just about quantity of candidates. This is about the quality of leadership that Val Demings brings to the Congress of the Unites States. She had the courage to run when the District was not configured now -- it's that she's battle tested and we know she can win."

The new Congressional 10th is heavily Democratic and so far there is no Republican challenger. Current Congressman Dan Webster plans to run for the 11th District to the west. We could not reach the final Democrat running in the primary, State Senator Geraldine Thompson.