People boosting their immune systems in hopes of protecting themselves against COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading by the day. Experts are predicting we won’t be seeing the peak in Central Florida for a few more weeks.  

So, what can you do to get your immune system working at peak performance?

“Some of the things that especially being on the frontlines I take myself are things like Vitamin C. I take that as well as vitamin D. I take a high dose of vitamin D,” said Dr. Jason Littleton.

Dr. Littleton is treating patients in the emergency room and at their homes through his concierge medicine practice.

He’s seen a few COVID-19 cases already.

“Vitamin C is very important because it acts as an anti-oxidant," he said.

Vitamin D, he says, helps your immune system and your mood. Dr.  Littleton loves zinc too.

vitamin c

“Being deficient in Zinc is something that could be a risk factor, so making sure you replete yourself with zinc, elemental zinc, is important to stay immune healthy,” Dr. Littleton said.

Many local grocery and health food stores are running low or are out of many of these supplements. FOX 35 News asked if a multi-vitamin is a good start.

“It can be. Sometimes people need extra nutrients for a particular item,” Dr. Littleton said.

He has his patients get bloodwork done so that he can see what vitamins and minerals they’re deficient in before he makes recommendations.

Since most doctors aren’t doing regular wellness visits right now, Dr. Littleton recommends calling your doctor or checking with your pharmacist to make sure vitamins and supplements won’t affect any prescriptions you are already taking.

And, he always recommends “MEDS”: Mood – keeping stress to minimum; Exercise daily; Drinking lots of water – eliminating/decreasing alcohol and caffeine; Sleep – 7-10 hours a night.

He also recommends one day a week where you sleep in, getting as much rest as your body needs.