Pit bull recovering as owner remains in jail for allegedly beating her with a chain

Halifax Humane Society is asking for help getting a pit bull to a rescue shelter. 

Bella is about four years old. She’s been at the Halifax Humane Society since early February. Her previous owner is at the Volusia County Jail after deputies say he beat Bella with a chain.

Amanda Perez, the Director of Operations at Halifax Humane Society, says Bella was clearly traumatized. 

"When she first came in, she was very scared, barking at us, showing teeth," said Perez. "But she has actually come a long way."

Jose Rivera, 31, is also accused of beating bystanders who tried to step in and help, along with child abuse and resisting arrest. There were some concerns he might get Bella back if he got out of jail, but those have dissipated – the shelter was able to get custody of the pup. 


Perez says the humane society takes in many dogs, and they hope a smaller rescue with more resources to help with Bella’s rehabilitation will adopt her.

"Being in this traumatic event that she went through, we don’t know what her triggers are. We don’t know what’s going to make her remember those things – just like people," Perez explained. "But dogs are really resilient, they come back and start showing their loyalty and their love of people, no matter what they’ve been through." 

If you are interested or know of a rescue that might be, contact the Halifax Humane Society.