Police officer adopts dog he found in stolen car

When a San Diego police officer responded to a call about a stolen car, he found more than just a missing vehicle. 

Officer Andre Thomas discovered an abandoned yellow Labrador in the back seat of a car on Oct. 7, according to an Instagram post  from the city of San Diego. 

Following protocol, Thomas immediately took the dog to the San Diego Humane Society, in hopes of finding its owners. 
A few months prior, back in March, Thomas’ own beloved yellow Labrador, Melakai, died of old age.

Thomas and Melakai had been best buds for over a decade, moving from Fresno to San Diego when Thomas was 18 years old.

The two were so close that Thomas had vowed to never get another dog. That all changed the day he set eyes on the frightened pooch of the same breed as his old pal in the back of the stolen car. 

Three weeks went by and no one had claimed the dog, so Thomas decided to adopt the canine himself. 

Thomas named his new pal Victor, “a name worthy of the adversities” he’s been through.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.