Police release new image of missing teen Bladon Rogers with family friend

There are new developments in the case of an Orlando teen, missing more than a week.  He was last seen with a family friend.  Police have released a new photograph of the teen and the man at an Orlando hotel.  The boy’s mother is appealing to all of us to look closely at the photo. 

Orlando Police just released a new surveillance camera image, as they try to find Bladon Rogers, 14.  He was last seen with Christopher Kemp, 29, a family friend.  You can see they both have shaved heads in the new photo.  Police say the image was taken April 21, inside a downtown Orlando hotel, but detectives will not say which one.

“I am devastated.  I hope he’s ok,” said Bladon's mom, Rachel Fancher.    She says Bladon has Aspergers, a condition on the autism spectrum.  Fancher hopes people will take a close look at the photo and help find her son.  “Bladon looks probably five years younger with a shaved head than with long hair, and he’s a big kid, so he would kind of stand out.”

Fancher says Kemp is a family friend, and he has known Bladon for two years.  The two were caught on camera in Orlando, boarding a Mega Bus for Atlanta on April 19, but Bladon’s mom does not know where he is now.   “At this point, I just want him home. So whether he’s run away or whether there’s something else going on, I just want him home.”

Fancher has faith in Orlando Police.  She knows there’s an intense effort to find her son and Mr. Kemp.
She points out, “The FBI is involved.  FDLE is involved.  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is involved.”

For now, this mom is staying in touch with police and hoping the public can make a difference in this case.  “His safety is most important, and that’s my main concern.”

The missing child alert for Bladon Rogers remains in effect.  Call FDLE or Orlando police at (321) 235-5300 if you spot the teen or Christoper Kemp.