Police say man stole badge belonging to FBI agent

The Tavares Police Department needs your help finding a man who stole an FBI agent’s credit card and his FBI credentials, including his badge.

Police said the suspect used the stolen credit card at the Family Dollar in Eustis last week. According to detectives, the card was in a case with the agents other FBI credentials, including his badge. The thief took them all. The crime has puzzled people who live in the area.

“Why would someone want to steal something from the FBI?” Barbara Martin of Eustis said. “I know I wouldn’t. They know they’re going to jail the maximum years.”

This is how police said it all happened: The FBI agent was on assignment in Tavares last week. The agent was pumping gas at a gas station in the area when the suspect came up to him and asked him for money. Police believe the man stole the credit card and badge while the FBI agent was pumping gas.

“Clearly, he saw that it was an FBI agent and then to go ahead and continue to use that credit card knowing it’s a law enforcement officer -- I mean, he’s going to know what to do and where to look and most people know these days,” Sgt. Sarah Coursey with the Tavares Police Department said. “A lot of people now are more vigilant than they were in the past.”

Tavares Police said the suspect will face charges for the stolen credit card. Detectives are still trying to determine what other charges he’ll face for stealing the FBI credentials.