Police say man was thrown off Daytona Beach bridge

A man is locked up in Volusia County after Daytona Beach Police say he threw another man off a bridge Sunday afternoon.

Daytona Beach Police say the man thrown off the bridge is lucky to be alive.  They say it was also good fortune to have had an officer and a man on a rowboat passing by at the perfect moment.  It’s just a split-second of video but Daytona Beach Police say it shows the moment Derrick Goodin threw a man off the Main Street Bridge on Sunday. 

“On the ground right now! Get the [expletive] on the ground! Main Street Bridge, I've got a male throw another male off the bridge. I got one at gunpoint,” the officer says in the video.”

“He jumped over the bridge,” you can hear Goodin say. 

Goodin’s denial, the moment he gets up and throws his wallet in the water, and the arrest are all captured on police body camera footage. 

It was all handled by an officer who just so happened to be patrolling the area, driving by and seeing this all happen firsthand. Daytona Beach Police say a man and woman were walking over the bridge when Goodin, who apparently knew the woman, started arguing with her about a previous money exchange. Goodin then threw the woman’s bike in the water. That’s when the other guy stepped in and Goodin threw him in the water headfirst. 

"I was fishing here next to the bridge, and I heard a commotion on the bridge,” said McKenzie Reijonen.

When McKenzie Reijonen realized what happened, he says he had to do something.

“I mean over there it's pretty shallow but he fell I think into the channel which is even worse because you know he could have been unconscious and been hit by a passing motorboat.” 

He rowed his boat over to the bridge and brought the man to shore. There was nothing more than a gash on his head.

“I was just worried that he could have been punched unconscious or drowning or somewhere down there in the water and I did what I hoped somebody would do for me.” 

Goodin is behind bars in Volusia County, charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct. 

This is his fourth arrest in Volusia County this year alone. His previous charges include drugs, weapons, battery and disorderly conduct.