Police say mom put out 'hit' on officer

A mom in Lake County is accused of offering to pay somebody to beat up a police officer. 

When Hildagarde Simmons, who goes by Pam, was arrested Monday, she knew exactly what it was for. 

“Is Pam here?” an officer asked on Eustis body camera video. “Come on out.”

“Can I change clothes?” asked Simmons. 

“Nope, we’ve got a warrant for your arrest.” 

“They’re probably taking me to jail for what I said on Facebook,” said Simmons.

According to a police report, she wrote several posts on Facebook, offering $100 to anyone who would beat up a Eustis police officer. Simmons is now out of jail, telling FOX 35, “Oh no, I don't want nothing bad to happen to him. But I want them to get rid of him. Get rid of him. Get rid of him. I want him gone.”

Simmons was fired up over police body camera video showing the moment an officer questioned her son and his friend early Saturday morning.

“Like I said, you didn't do nothing wrong. I'm just stopping out with you guys seeing what you guys are doing,’ you can hear the officer say in the video. 

According to a police report, officers checked this part of Liberty Street for possible drug trafficking. The incident ended peacefully.

“Alright man. just want to let you know you do have two warrants out of Georgia, alright? Have a great day guys.”

Police say Simmons still stopped by the station and then took to Facebook. These posts, police say, were no joke. 

“We take it very seriously. This was more disturbing because of the name,” said Eustis Police spokesperson Jim Franquiz.

Simmons stands by what she wrote. 

“Don’t just think because you're the law you can override us and mistreat us. That's not right. don't do that now. I'm a good person. I'm a sweet person. All I want is for everybody to be treated equally.”

Simmons was charged with solicitation to commit battery on a law enforcement officer. She’s due back in court next month.