Police say neighbor shot at woman

Michelle Simpson was visiting family in Orange City on Alice Drive when she heard the horses on their property and realized a neighbor's dog was scaring them, so she hopped the fence and knocked on the door.

That's when deputies say the homeowner, 71-year-old Robert Mosher shot at her through the door.

Simpson has cuts and open wounds on her stomach and arm.  She told FOX 35, "I just started knocking on his door and hitting his doorbell. I didn't hear anything inside. I went back and knocked and the second time is when there was just a gunshot."

Glass was embedded in Simpson's stomach and arm.  In a 911 call, Mosher told an operator he was sound asleep, heard pounding, and shot through the front door, not knowing at the time who was there.

"Some crazy woman, or whatever was banging on my door, kicking my door in, so I shot through the through the door. I don't believe that I hit her," he told the dispatcher.

Deputies showed up and arrested Mosher on aggravated battery charges.  He later bonded out of jail.

A woman who said she was Mosher's wife told FOX 35  that she didn't want to comment on the case and was hiring a lawyer.