Police say woman abandoned baby during traffic stop

Police say a woman ran from a traffic stop, leaving a baby behind inside the car. 

West Melbourne police officers were out on patrol continuing to look for that woman on Thursday evening.  They said that, after she was stopped earlier in the day, officers discovered she was driving on a suspended license. 

The woman had a four-to-five-month-old baby boy in the car.  As the police officer was writing the ticket, they said she bolted, jumping over a wall in a parking lot.  As an officer approached, she noticed that there was a baby in the vehicle.  Knowing that, the officer remained with the baby and called for assistance.

Police say the woman who was driving the vehicle is not the baby boy's mother.  The Florida Department of Children and Families is now working to determine what that female driver's relationship is with the little baby boy's mother.  The identify of the woman was not released.