Police say woman tried to steal from elderly woman

Ocala Police said a woman tried to steal thousands of dollars from an 80-year-old woman.

Marlo Thomas is accused of taking the elderly woman to a bank and convinced the victim to withdraw $2,500 from her credit card, then went to another bank to try to do the same thing.

“Thomas’ excuse was she was trying to reconcile two different accounts, when in fact she was trying to take advantage of the elderly,” said Ocala Police Captain Louis Biondi.

Police said Thomas demanded a transaction at one of the banks, stating to the teller that she was the victim’s daughter and that her mother was suffering from dementia.  According to a police report, the bank teller and bank management noticed something wasn’t right and called the police.  Thomas was arrested soon after.

The victim said Thomas claimed to be a friend of her son.

“How can people be so rotten?” the victim asked.  “It’s just frustrating as it can be.  My gosh!” 

She said she hopes this is a learning point for others.

“Keep track of your credit cards, and don’t talk to anybody that you don’t really know," she said.

Capt. Biondi said there are ways you can help keep your older loved one's money safe, which include keeping  track of their financial accounts and looking for unusual changes in any wills.

"Talk to them about their finances. Make sure they have someone they can trust," he said. 

Police said the victim has all of her money back.  Thomas bonded out of jail and faces charges including grand theft, and exploitation of the elderly.