Police say woman was kidnapped, raped

Police say a man pulled up next to a woman in a hospital parking lot in Ocala and kidnapped her.

Investigators say Robert Hicks flicked a cigarette on the woman, wrestled her, zip-tied her hands, then drove her to the woods and repeatedly raped her on Monday.  Hicks then allegedly threatened to kill her.

Somehow, that victim convinced her attacker to drop her back off at west marion community hospital.  Police say hicks stole her phone, which officers traced back to hicks.

"Sometimes, you don't know you have some of that information.  See something say, something.  Hear something, say something,  because we are going to follow every lead to determine if it's detrimental to the incident," said Ocala Police spokesperson Cynthia Barnes,  "so that helped a lot."

Hicks, 33, is being held at the Marion County Jail on no bond.