Police: Student brought loaded gun onto campus of Orlando high school

A student at Orlando's Jones High School was arrested on Monday, accused of bringing a loaded handgun on campus.  Police say luckily two witnesses reported seeing the gun, so they were able to catch him before anything could happen. 

The principal from Jones called with a message that any parent would dread.

"Calling to let you know about a possible weapon on campus."

Kristina White said she reached out to her twins as soon as she heard the message.

"The first thing I did was call my kids to make sure they're ok, and they said they were fine."

"I don't understand why the student would bring a gun to school anyway, " said parent Wardell Sins. "You have a lot of kids that have an interest in doing things that's unbecoming to society."

Police said another student and employee saw the gun and immediately reported it to the school resource officer, Ossie Battle.

"I'm glad that that child had enough gumption and nerve to do so," Sins added.

White said it is important to report such incidents.

"You see your friends speak up, you're more inclined to do the same." 

Investigators said Officer Battle tracked down the student, conducted a search, discovered the loaded gun and arrested him.  According to police, the gun was never displayed in a threatening manner.  Still, the principal said the student could be expelled.

"I have no problem with the student being arrested, because first of all, they know they shouldn't bring guns and other weapons to school," said Sins.

Police encourage all parents to tell their kids that if they see something, say something.  Any student who sees a weapon on school property can also report it to Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).

The 16-year-old student is charged with possession of a weapon/firearm on school property and possession of a concealed weapon.  He was transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.