Police: Suspects use Hurricane Irma as cover to steal 35 guns from pawn shop

While Irma's high winds battered Brevard, three or four men were captured on surveillance cameras breaking into the Blue Diamond Jewelry and Pawn, according to Palm Bay Police. And they weren't seeking shelter from the storm-- cops say the thieves were using it to loot guns and electronics.

"At that time we have a lot of alarms going off and a lot of calls" said Lt. Mike Bandish of the Palm Bay Police Department. "So they knew they had time to get in there and get stuff out."

Palm Bay police are searching for the men, whom they consider dangerous because they stole about 35 guns, most of them high powered assualt rifles. Police identified the weapon in one thief's hands as an AR-15.

"One gun is too many" said Lt. Bandish. "So we are trying to trace them down, find out who took them, and are asking for the public's help."

The owner says the thieves put in a lot of time and effort. Police say a half dozen trips were made back and forth to the store, they busted through two steel frame doors with deadbolts, and cut gun locks, to get to the high powered rifles. So cops are asking you to take a good look at their faces--- which were captured after they disabled a security television monitor, but not the cameras.