FDLE searching for leads on missing Polk County woman nearly 7 years after her disappearance

A family is still searching for answers after a woman vanished from Polk County in 2016.

Samantha Fiddler, a mother of three, was last seen in Bartow in November 2016.

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"She vanished," Special Agent Mark Brutnell, with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said. "Her family has not heard from her, or her children have not heard from her."

Fiddler, a Canada native, moved to Florida in 2016 with her wrestler boyfriend Teddy Hart, with her own dreams of pursuing a career in wrestling. Brutnell says he eventually moved out of the state, but Fiddler stayed in Florida.


Over the course of around eight months, Brutnell says they determined that Fiddler lived in a number of counties around South Florida, before her disappearance in November 2016.

"We have her in south Florida, this southeastern part of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, the Tampa area," he said. "So she spent a good eight to nine months in about seven different counties."

Brutnell says Fiddler was arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear. She bonded out of jail but then vanished.

"She was a very active person on social media. For her just to disappear and never be seen again or heard again is obviously concerning," Brutnell said.


Investigators firmly believe somebody has information about Samantha Fiddler because she had an active lifestyle and was in multiple parts of Florida.

Fiddler’s sister, April Fiddler, says she won’t stop searching for Samantha until she’s found. Fiddler says she talked to her sister almost every day.

"She's a very high-spirited, outgoing, easygoing person," Fiddler said. "She was all about everybody else."

April Fiddler says she was the first to realize something happened to her sister.

"We were always close," Fiddler said. "Very, very, very close. And when I didn't hear from her and I didn't hear from her again and again, I was like, ‘Okay, I don't like this’, especially with her being out of the country."

Over the last seven years, Fiddler says Samantha’s disappearance has taken a toll on their family, but she won’t give up hope.

"Majority of the time, I feel like she's gone," Fiddler said. "And I don't know if that's just part of the great grieving process. I don't really understand my emotions, to be honest with you. But then I get feelings, and I have this feeling of having hope because I get moments where it's like, ‘No, it's Sam. It Sam. That's my sister. There's no way that she's gone’."

Fiddler says Samantha’s disappearance has led her on a roller coaster of grief.

"One thing I always want to tell her is that she's very loved, and I love her very much," Fiddler said. "And if she is out there, just to come home."

No persons of interest or suspects have been identified at this point, but investigators say this case hasn’t gone cold. Brutnell says investigators have been working tips and leads every day over the last seven years.

"This woman deserves to be found," Brutnell said. "Her family deserves answers."

Brutnell says they need that one break to help them crack this case. The FDLE is asking anyone who might have any information on Samantha Fiddler’s whereabouts or her disappearance to come forward.

Investigators say no piece of information is too small.

You can report tips and information to contact the FDLE or Bartow Police Department at 863-534-5034.