Poll: Floridians approve of how President Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak

When it comes to concerns over the coronavirus, a new poll shows that more than half of Floridians approve of how President Donald Trump is handling the situation in the U.S.

A poll by Florida Atlantic University shows that 51% of Floridians approve of the job the president is doing in handling the spread of the coronavirus while 36% disapprove. 13% were neutral or had no opinion.

"This is also driven by party affiliation with Republicans approving of Trumps handling of the virus at 86% with 8% disapproving," the poll states. "Democrats disapprove 64% to 21% and Independents lean in favor of the President with 46% approving and 34% not approving."

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The poll also weighed in on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who received 54% approval overall, 20% disapproval, and 26% were unsure. 

Data for the poll was conducted from March 5-7 using 1,216 Florida registered voters with a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

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As far as how well the federal government overall will be able to handle the coronavirus outbreak, 52% of Florida voters are confident while 31% are not confident in the government.