3 of 4 puppies rescued from hot car at Disney Springs adopted by firefighters

Three puppies will now have "forever" homes after first responders rescued them from a vehicle Saturday evening.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says there were four Bernedoodle puppies inside. The agency reports that someone purchased the puppies from a breeder and kept them in a car inside a Disney Springs parking garage.

A security guard made the discovery and immediately alerted emergency personnel.

"Our district team was able to remove the puppies from the car and provide life-saving care," said Matthew Oberly. He is the Public Information Officer for the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

First responders within the organization responded to the call alongside Orange County Animal Services.


In a news release, OCAS wrote, "The owner stopped at Disney Springs to have dinner with family, assuming the covered parking garage and cracking a window would be okay for the dogs. The owner was gone for approximately 90 minutes, leading to the dogs needing to be rescued." 

Sadly, one of the four dogs sustained injuries from the extreme temperatures inside the vehicle and had to be put down. Firefighters adopted the remaining three dogs.


Three of four puppies were rescued from a hot car that was parked at Disney Springs [Credit: Orange County Animal Services]

"Our firefighters were able to bring life to their homes and their families, and it’s momentous for these individuals, our teammates, who now have a treasured member of their family, and they can say we took part in saving our puppy’s life," said Oberly.

As for the person who left the dogs behind, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says investigators within the Agricultural Crimes Unit believe they have probable cause for felony animal cruelty charges.

As it stands, no charges have been filed.