Puppy to be adopted after being rescued near dumpster

A dog four times the size of a puppy isn’t enough to scare the pup because he has already been through far too much in his young life. Seminole County Animal Services says this dog was dumped. He was found last week near an office building dumpster in Lake Mary.

“The main concern is is he going to be okay? That was all of our main concern. Sometimes you have to get past the story and just make sure the animals’ going to be okay,” said Diane Gagliano, who works at Seminole County Animal Services.

She says an employee from that office building took him to animal services, where they did a full workup. The dog was not in good shape initially.

“He probably had a little bit of head trauma because his eyes were bloodshot. He could have simply fallen down some steps or something like that. We don’t know. There was no way for us to know,” said Gagliano.

He’s been at Animal Services for about a week, and in that time volunteers say he’s become like a whole other dog.

“He’s just more outgoing. Like I said, more social. In the beginning, he was just real quiet watching everything but now he lets you know when he wants something,” said Gagliano.

Animal Services says he’s already been adopted. The puppy is at his new home, as of Wednesday night. No name was given to him yet, but it’s safe to say we can all call him lucky.