Raging Tiger Bay State Forest causing dangerous driving conditions

A wildfire in Tiger Bay State Forest in Volusia County continues to burn and the smoke is raising concerns about possible dangerous driving conditions.

The fire has already gone through 1,800-acres and the combination of fog and smoke can make it nearly impossible to see.

While the fire is more than 85-percent contained at this time, it took all the Forest Service District’s resources and additional strike teams that came down from the panhandle to get it under control. At one point. the flames had even jumped over containment lines that crews had cut.

A couple visiting nearby described seeing the smoke. 

"That plume, man. We went beachside after that and the plumes were so high still later in the day – it’s amazing," said Mike Campbell.

The smoke has traveled as far as Daytona and Ormond Beach. Drivers are encouraged to use caution during their commute since visibility could be limited.