Repairs underway on road washed out by Hurricane Irma

Repairs are underway on a large section of road near an entrance of the Melbourne Square Mall that had been washed away by Hurricane Irma.  The area affected is at Gateway Drive and W. Hibiscus Blvd.

The road is owned by the mall, and a representative tells us the culvert underneath the road was overwhelmed by water from the hurricane  -- more than 15 inches fell in less than 12 hours in Brevard County.  The flow was so large and fast, it eroded away the supporting sand underneath the pavement.

Joel Tooley lives less than a half-mile away. He took pictures of the smashed culvert pipe damaged when large chunks of road bed and asphalt came crashing down. Some utility pipes were left suspended across the gaping gorge. 

"Hopefully, they will get it rectified soon," he said. 

During repairs, guest may enter Melbourne Square via one of the other six entrances around the property.