Report: Drunk driver struck Ocala police cruiser

Ocala police officers say one of their own was struck by an accused drunk driver on Saturday morning. 

Officer Daniel Collier was involved in the crash while responding to a call around 1 a.m.  According to an arrest report, Latrell Jay, 30, turned into Officer Collier as they were both traveling down East Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40).  After the collision, Collier's patrol car careened into a Citgo gas station sign.

"The video's scary to watch,"  said Meghan Shay, with Ocala Police Department.

Shay said Officer Daniel Collier suffered a minor head injury, was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center and later released.   

Jay was also treated for minor injuries. He was arrested on charge of driving under influence.  Investigators say he had a blood alcohol level of .234.  The legal limit in Florida is .08.