Report reveals misconduct during former Marion Co. Sheriff Chris Blair's tenure

Interim Marion County Sheriff Emery Gainey is speaking out after a 13-page report, following the arrest of former Sheriff Chris Blair.

Sheriff Blair was taken off the job last month, accused of lying on the stand about an excessive force case.

"I found myself disappointed, discouraged and quite frankly a bit angry," Interim Sheriff Gainey said about the 13-page report.

In it, Blair was described as a "numbers" guy and would punish deputies who didn't make enough arrests or traffic stops.

The report also says he pushed deputies to wrap up cases quickly, so some were labeled "solved" when there was actually more investigating to be done.

The grand jury also reviewed six different cases of excessive force by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, including one which Blair is accused of lying about.

Ultimately, the grand jury found that Blair took no responsibility for anything that happened during his tenure, also adding he was "lax and incompetent" in his leadership.

 After reporting its findings, the grand jury made five separate recommendations - the first being that the Sheriff's Office create a separate internal affairs division.