Report reveals that Anthony Todt's wife, 2 children were stabbed

Reports from the medical examiner's office revealed on Thursday that the wife of Anthony Todt and two of his children were stabbed.

Anthony Todt, 44, is facing first-degree murder charges for the killings of his wife, 42-year-old Megan Todt, and their three kids: Alek, 13; Tyler, 11; and Zoe, 4. The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said that Anthony was arrested on January 15 in Celebration. They said that he confessed to the killings of his family and the family dog. They believe the deaths happened towards the end of December.


According to autopsy reports from the Medical Examiner, Megan Todt, 42, Aleksander Todt, 13, and Tyler Todt, 11, all received stab wounds to the upper abdomen. The cause of death is pending regarding the autopsy of Zoe Todt, 4.


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FOX 35 News also received an arrest affidavit from the incident, which stated that "as the bodies were being moved, both Tyler and Alek Todt had lacerations to their abdomens. Zoey did not appear to have any lacerations. Meghan had two small lacerations to her abdomen."

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The affidavit went on to say that when deputies first made contact with Todt, he told them that his wife was upstairs and believed to be sleeping.  Agents and deputies reportedly began calling for Meghan with no response and then additional agents and deputies conducted a sweep of the residence.

"Four obviously deceased human bodies were found in a bedroom located on the second floor of the residence. Also, in the same bedroom, a small dog was found deceased," the arrest affidavit stated. Following this, Anthony reportedly appeared to be sharing. The report states that he was "transported to a hospital for further evaluation and later held for making threatening comments. Anthony told paramedics he took an unknown amount of Benadryl in an attempt to commit suicide."


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Deputies said that they began checking on the Todt family after his family in Connecticut became concerned. They reportedly had not heard from them in weeks. Deputies said that they made several attempts to make contact with Todt and his family but yielded negative results. They did not detect any odor or suspicious activity. Neighbors reportedly did not notice any suspicious activity either. It was not until January 15 that they were able to make contact with Todt.


Federal agents said that prior to Todt's arrest, they were investigating him for health care fraud. They said that he had billed thousands of dollars' worth of fake physical therapy sessions to Medicaid and private insurers to fund a lifestyle beyond his means.

Reports came in after Todt's arrest stating that Todt had actually witnessed his father attempt to have his own mother murdered about 40 years ago in Connecticut. His mother survived the attack and his father was convicted.

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