Reports of damage from tornado in Florida

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Residents in Brevard County, Florida are cleaning up after reports of a possible tornado.

A thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located over Rockledge, just before 7 p.m. on Friday.  Several homes located off of S. Fiske Blvd., near the Buckingham at Levitt Park subdivision in Rockledge, received damage. 

The storm moved in fast.  Shirley Morales was stuck inside her car as it ripped through her cul de sac.

"We saw it pass by that house, and then it came over to her roof.  The roof just peeled back," she explained.

Margie Miles was inside that house.  She says she saw the roof of the carport blow off.  Part of it could be seen in her back yard.

"I turned and I said, 'Where can I run?' I turned to run to the bathroom, and I could see light coming in the family room, the roof coming off," said Miles.

She said she hid in the bathtub as the roof of her home was collapsing.

"I called 911 and started to pray,” she said.

Nearby, the damage to Tony Lucas’s house left him nearly speechless.

"Look and see. It took the roof and totaled it!"

He and his family were cleaning up after that storm took off the roof of his carport, exposing everything inside.

Officials say the damage is spotty, with some fences down and debris tossed about.  Residents said they didn’t see or hear any warning that the storm was coming -- no sirens or alerts on their phones. 

The National Weather Service is assessing the damage and will determine if, in fact, this was a tornado.