Reports show millennials can have severe, possibly deadly reactions to coronavirus too

Coronavirus does not just affect the elderly, as reports from across the country are now showing victims in their 20's and 30's in critical condition.

Beaches across Florida are packed with spring breakers who are not giving coronavirus a second thought. 

One spring breaker told FOX 35 News that "I'm here on spring break now and just because I have a healthy immune system."

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Doctors say that this kind of thinking can put these people in a lot of danger though.

"All of us, every single one of us, we have never seen or experienced this virus before, so that means we are completely susceptible, meaning we don’t have any immunity," Dr. Diana Cervantes, a Professor Epidemiology at UNT Health said. "As with any other disease, people who are young, yes, they’re more likely to have less severe symptoms, but you will have very severe reactions to an infection and that immune response can be overwhelming and it can cause death. So, it is definitely still very critical for people of any age to be very, very careful.”


Millennials and Generation Z'ers are not off the hook and that should give young beachgoers some pause.

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One other case to note is the Chinese doctor who was the whistleblower when the outbreak first happened. He died from coronavirus at only 34-years-old. 


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