Rescue puppies looking for homes

Call it a caravan of cuteness.  Volunteers and staff with SPCA of Brevard transported 60 dogs -- most of them pit bull-mix puppies -- hundreds of miles in their own cars from Polk County to Titusville on Wednesday. 

Most of the dogs were in good health, but one driver did her best to keep one distressed puppy alive as she drove.

"I'm just massaging it to keep it warm and keep it stimulated," she explained.

When the seven-car caravan arrived at the SPCA, puppies were carried in by the armful. SPCA said almost all were neglected by one owner in Polk County. They said the mothers were chained up outside in the heat with their litters.

Angie Friers is Executive Director of the SPCA. She agreed to take in all sixty dogs -- their largest rescue ever -- even though they still need foster homes. She said the pit bull mixes are also difficult to adopt out, because of an undeserved bad reputation.

"No offense with the media, but I think a lot of times if you have a dog bite, it's not a dog bite, it's a pit bull bite. A lot of times they are mislabeled in the media as well," she said.

The puppies are young and will probably be able to be adopted in a couple of weeks, but some of the younger ones will take two to two-and-a-half months, before they are ready. They must be weened off and medically treated.

The shelter is thankful they were notified because the staff members were heartbroken at the thought of having to put each one of those puppies down.