Researcher by day, artist and sculptor by night

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There are many words to describe Alex Bosak and the research he does at a University of Central Florida College of Medicine laboratory.

"Neuroscientist, cellular biologist, and biomaterials researcher," Bosak says. 

Much of it involves peering into microscopes, studying mosquitoes and working with viruses, such as Zika, or designing biomaterials to help heal disease.

"Create materials that aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration."

He's been here five years, doing work he love, but it's what he does when he leaves the lab that is probably a lot higher on the "cool" scale for some people.  That's when he becomes a creative monster, making elaborate, sculpted, Hollywood-quality masks and makeup effects.

He has no background in art or sculpting, but it has become an obsession, which he says started with an acting gig at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.  Now, his garage studio is filled with all kinds of characters.  He has even sold a few commissioned pieces.

"You start painting it and it comes to life!" he explains. 

But mostly, he does this for himself.

"It never gets old!" he says. adding, "There's a lot of art in science and vice versa."