'Welcome to Rockville' fans fighting for refunds after storms force cancellations

Some fans are demanding refunds after Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach had to cancel some of its headliners because of stormy weather.

"I think it would be gracious of Rockville to consider the fact that several of the major headliners were not able to perform, and that is obviously part of the value that we paid for," said Gillian Giannetti, who traveled to Daytona Beach from Virginia to attend the festival.

Giannetti spent thousands on travel, tickets, and lodging and brought her 6-year-old daughter.

But she's even more upset about the way she says organizers handled getting everyone out Saturday night when storms hit, closing the grandstands, so they had to wait outside.

"We huddled underneath that tent for 45 minutes while we kept on trying to get an Uber, as the water started crushing in, actually turning the tent, starting to concave because of the pressure of the water," Giannetti said.

Other fans just want some kind of consolation.

"I understand it’s hard to do anything money, but maybe free parking next year," said Matthew Binder, who traveled from south Florida.

The festival says it does not offer refunds.

Organizers did offer people free tickets for Sunday if they only went Friday or Saturday.

FOX 35 News reviewed the terms ticket holders agreed to, which reference cancellations and refunds.

A consumer rights attorney says there might be some things in the contract people could argue weren't clear.

"I would never encourage someone to rush to court before trying to resolve that issue and reaching out informally as well as through the arbitration provisions in the contract," said Jared Lee. "A person may have some kind of success in getting some kind of compensation or credit."

Lee says there's a clause preventing people from filing a class-action suit.

Both arbitration and going to court on your own can both be a lengthy and expensive process.