Florida roofing company offering free AR-15, turkey if you buy a new roof

A roofing company in Florida is making sure residents have everything they need ahead of the holidays – but they're doing it in an unconventional way. 

Cape Coral-based Roof EZ said if you buy a new roof in the month of November, they'll throw in a free turkey and free AR-15 as part of the "Roof and Gobble" special. 

Owner Jason Polly told FOX 35 News the promotion is all about protection. 

"The turkey we're giving away it's symbolizing togetherness; bring your family together for a turkey meal. The roof we're giving you is gonna protect your home, and the AR-15 we're giving out is going to protect your family," Polly said. 

Polly assured customers that his roofing company isn't handing out guns from the shop, and customers still need to get them legally – Roof EZ is just helping connect the dots along the way. 

"You have to actually go down to Shoot Center. It's a store here in Cape Coral," Polly explained. "You have to go through all the background checks and necessary stipulations to actually possess a firearm.

"We don't have them here in the shop. We're not giving them out. You have to get it legally."

Polly also clarified that his veteran-owned and -operated company is not "promoting violence" with its promotion, but rather "promoting safety."

"We want to promote gun safety. Everybody should know how to hold a gun and shoot it safely. And what's what we really want to stress upon. Our giveaway is for gun safety, because the world is a crazy place right now. … Every family should be able to protect their family."


Photo: Roof EZ/Facebook

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The guns included in the promotion are Radical Firearms Forged with a Crimson Trace Red Dot from Shoot Center. The frozen turkeys are from Sam's Club, Costco or Publix. 

Just two days into November, Polly said Roof EZ has gotten nearly 50 calls for roof inspections and quotes, and they've already signed about 10 people. 

Customers who want to participate in the new roof promotion but don't want a gun will get $500 taken off their bill, which is the amount of the AR-15, Polly said.