Sandbags distributed in Marion County

Sandbags were piled into cars Tuesday morning in Ocala, where people like Barbara Brown were trying to make sure nothing unexpected comes flooding into her home.

“Try to divert some water from coming in under doorways,” Brown said.

She was one of a steady stream of people showing up at sandbag stations ahead of the expected storm.

“Well, it’s unpredictable right now,” she explained. “Don’t know how much rain or wind we’re going to get.”

As they gathered their sandbags, people told FOX 35’s David Williams they were not taking any chances with this storm.

Emily Denaro, of Ocala, said, “A little bit nervous. It causes a little bit of nerves, but I really, that’s why I have to do this. I have to make sure I do everything I can.”

Brenda McDaniel, of Ocala, was keeping her eyes to the sky too, between the tall trees in her yard. She lives just within a FEMA flood zone but, her main concern is

“The wind,” she explained. “I’ve heard more about the wind, than I have the rain so far.”

Wind gusts could reach 60 miles per hour in Ocala.

“That, I fear. Just for the simple fact that, like I said, with limbs falling and what not,” She explained. “I’d hate to see myself or anyone else go through that kind of property damage.”

For now, she and others will watch and wait. Here is a list of places where you can get sandbags in Central Florida:

City of Ocala (8 a.m. to  6 p.m.)

  • NE 8th Avenue and NE 14th Street, just north of Tuscawilla Park
  • State Road 40 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. just east of the Hampton Center

Marion County

  • 8311 North Highway 441, Ocala Florida
  • 1600 East Highway 40, Silver Springs Florida
  • 3260 SE 80th Street, Ocala, Florida
  • 19995 SW 86th Street Unit 3

Lake County  (8 a.m. to  8 p.m.)

  • Fire Station 10, 23023 State Road 40 in Astor
  • Fire Station 14, 42700 State Road 19 in Altoona
  • Fire Station 53, 2505 Spring Lake Road in Fruitland Park
  • Fire Station 110, 6234 County Road 561 in Clermont