Sanford mom charged with child abuse after incident in laundromat

A Sanford mother was arrested in a laundromat after police say she beat her toddler. Shaleerah Encarnacion, 23,  is charged with child abuse.  

“Sanford Police department received a call from a complaintant that observed what appeared to be a caregiver of a young child striking the child and treating the child in a manner that that person thought wasn’t okay,” said police spokesperson Bianca Gillett.

Police say, according to what witnesses told the investigating officer, Encarnacion’s 1 to 2 year old child walked up to her crying, reaching up like he wanted to be picked up.  The arrest affidavit says instead of picking the toddler up, Encarnacion cursed at her child then told him to shut up before striking the child multiple times with a closed fist on his  legs mouth and chest while she continued cursing at him.

When Sanford Police got on scene, a worker in the laundromat pulled up surveillance video to show the investigator.  The officer said in his report that watching the video he observed Ecarnacion strike the the child 10-12 times on his buttocks and and hands.  The officer also noted that the video then shows Encarnacion throw her child to the ground after hitting him and that she then hit him with her knee causing him to fall down.  

Police commend the person who called 911.  “If you see something that you believe in your gut is illegal or criminal in nature, call 911.  Police will come out and do their job to determine whether or not something that should have been reported and is criminal,” said Gillett. 

Encarnacion is being held on a $8,000.  Her little boy is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.  Encarnacion has been order to not have any contact with her son or any of the witnesses, she’s also not allowed to go back to the Laundromat.