Search continues for suspect in burglary, shooting in Winter Park

Winter Park police officers continue to search for at least one burglary suspect, after a shooting at a home on Williams Drive.  Police say 24-year-old Dontavian Mckinnon was arrested on burglary and aggravated assault charges.  Investigators tell us that homeowner Allen Lord opened the garage door of his Winter Park home and discovered two men inside.  That's when they started running and got into a black getaway car.

Police say one of the men was carrying an unknown black object.  "He was holding something which he believed to be a weapon," explained Sgt. Frank Cowart.  According to investigators, Lord used a 9mm to shoot one of the suspects in the car. It happened in the drive way.

Neighbor Lev Murazian says he heard two shots.  Police later found McKinnon who was shot in the face and taken to the hospital.  The other suspect got away.  Lord was not detained. "There doesn't appear to be any discrepancies in what he told us. But it's still an ongoing investigation and it will be forwarded to the State Attorneys office to determine if the shooting was justified."

And police say they don't think the suspect is in the area any more but they're still warning residents to be on the lookout. Neighbor Jeanine Hultjren says, "I'll be more careful about locking my door. Sometimes I don't lock my back door." Jody Tassos says, "I tell my son to check our outside lights because I think some of them are burned out and replace those outside lights."

Police aren't sure where the other suspect is. They say more people could be involved.