Search for gunmen who shot father in front of kids

A Deltona man underwent surgery on Monday, just two days after he was shot three times in front of his children.

Jarvis Britt Sr., 39, is in stable condition, but remains hospitalized after being injured during a robbery, Volusia County deputies say.

Deputies say Britt had just picked up his sons from the movies and was taking them home, pulling into their driveway, when two men with masks on walked up to the truck.

"I didn't know what to do, I was just scared," said 14-year-old Jarvis Jr.  "They got out and ran to the car and said 'Stop! Stop! We're not playing, we're not playing!' and then my dad just pulled off and they started shooting."

"There was two men wearing masks. My dad was shot!" 12-year-old Jamonte told a 911 operator, 

Despite being shot in the hand, wrist and shoulder, Britt drove off with the kids in the truck to a gas station, a half-a-mile away for help.   A worker there called 911 and stayed with the kids until emergency crews showed.

Deputies think robbery was the motive.  The kids think the suspects were after an ATV on the trailer of Britt's truck.