Search underway for Orlando couple after child is found on porch in New York

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Authorities in Buffalo are trying to find out why a Longwood  baby was discovered alive, and two others burned to death in a car.

Relatives say the family went on a road trip in a rental car, but never returned. A Longwood toddler mysteriously ends up on a woman’s porch in Buffalo.

Police say 3 year old Noelvin crawled out of a box and into her arms. Lois Augsburger says, "He was saying the car was burning up, the car was burning up. That's all he kept saying." Authorities in Buffalo say, a car was discovered burned up with the remains of two people inside. They’re trying to figure out who it is.

According to investigators 31 year old Miguel Valentin-Colon, his wife Nicole, and friend Dhamyl went on a road trip from Central Florida, with the couple’s baby.

Investigators say, "I can't stress enough how complicated of an investigation this is. The vehicle was badly damaged from the fire, almost so we can't tell what type of vehicle it is or contents of the vehicle."

The toddler’s grandmother Zeinada Colon, waiting to get custody of him, so she can take him to her Orlando home, "He is a loved child his parents loved him very much. They were always with him. They were great parents they came from good families. My son's a truck driver, the wife is a stay at home mom. Miguel’s step father is pleading to the public for answers. Jorge Oquendo says, "If anyone has information. We don’t know if that’s them in the car or if they’re still here in Florida or up in Buffalo, we have no idea.

We’re all devastated for a lot of reasons.” Right now the toddler is in protective custody. His grandma hopes to bring him home soon. Anyone with information is asked to call the Buffalo Police Dept. homicide detectives at 716-847-2255.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.