Second great white spotted off Port Canaveral

A Port Canaveral deep sea fishing business says its crews have spotted two great white sharks within the past 10 days.

The most recent sighting was on Wednesday and the whole encounter was captured on camera. You can see a 12-foot great white shark swimming around the Canaveral Princess.  The boat was about 25 miles of Port Canaveral for a fishing trip when the giant fish surfaced.

“It’s very out of the ordinary,” said Christine Carr, whose family owns Orlando Princess Fishing.

But what’s even more out of the ordinary is that people aboard the Canaveral Princess spotted a different great white shark just last week, on December 19.

That time the crew got pictures just after the captain hooked a 14 foot great white on his line.

“It was very exciting for all the passengers on that were on the boat and it’s gotten a lot of excitement on Facebook,” Carr explained.

She says the social media exposure is good for the entire area.

“We’ve got great things to do here at Port Canaveral and now this is one of those things we can add to this list – go off shore and see great whites possibly,” Carr said.

She added that she hopes they don’t get too close to the beach.