Seminole County couple demands action after dog is mauled to death

Two dogs were caught on surveillance video mauling a smaller Jack Russell Terrier over the weekend.

“They crushed my poor dog,” said Dino Rentos.

Rentos and his wife Janice say their dog Spanky didn’t survive the attack.

Janice says it all happened Sunday outside the family’s business in Sanford near 17-92 and Ronald Reagan.  

She says Spanky was waiting in the car as she was leaving and locking up.

“That pit bull was so fast! Before I could run and close the door and get in, he took that dog. I couldn’t do nothing, and just started dragging him like a piece of meat,” Janice explained.

Animal Services says the loose dogs came from a neighboring business – Rocky’s Auto Repair.

While the Rentos say three dogs attacked Spanky, local officials say they’re only focusing on the two in the video and they say one of those dogs has killed another dog before.

“That dog will be declared dangerous,” said Alan Harris, Seminole County Emergency Management Director.

Harris says the owner has agreed to surrender the larger pit bull so it can be euthanized.

He says the smaller one is allowed to stay since it’s the dog’s first reported attack.

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“If he follows the rules of the aggressive ordinance, then he can maintain his dog. If he doesn’t follow those rules then there are other actions that can be taken,” Harris told FOX 35 News.

The Rentos say just days after the attack, the dogs were loose again. Their daughter taking cell phone video of the dogs.

“What a terrible experience… that’s the reason that this has to be stopped,” Janice said, noting she was scared for her own life.

The Rentos say all of the dogs should be taken away before there’s another incident.

“I don’t want anyone hurt. I don’t want another animal killed. I don’t want a person injured,” she said.

FOX 35 News spoke to the owner of the dogs involved in the attack. He says he apologized to Spanky’s owners and emphasized he’s voluntarily surrendering the one dog.

He says only two of his dogs took part in the attack and one was a puppy – just following what the other dog was doing.