Severely burned puppy shows up at Marion County Humane Society

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One look at 5-week-old Keegan, and you can tell he's in pain.  An Ocala farm worker found the puppy and other pups on a farm, and brought him to the Humane Society of Marion County Tuesday, where they named him and bandaged him up.

The others are ok, but Keegan has third-degree burns over about 30 percent of his body.  They’re not exactly sure what happened, but they do not think someone burned him on purpose.

"It’s awful. We all cry when we see something like that,” said Dr. Lidya Albano, with the Marion County Humane Society.  “This is very indicative of a puppy, or a dog, that tries to get underneath something, to hide from something.”

Maybe something like, Hurricane Hermine, said Dr. Lidya Albano.  

“We think he crawled under something, maybe from the storm,” She said.

For now, Dr. Albano and the staff here are taking good care of him.  He needs multiple surgeries, and bandages changed every day.  He's too little to operate on right now, so they will wait until he gets stronger.

“With lots of TLC, lots of wound care, lots of treatment, he will recover,” She explained.

It starts now, with a lot of love for little Keegan.  People at the Humane Society said Keegan has a long road to recovery -- two to three months, in fact.  When he gets better, they said he will be ready for adoption.