Shark bites teen surfer in Florida twice

Surfers understand a shark bite is always a possibility.  In a weird way, it kind of becomes a badge of honor.

For the mom in this story though, it was traumatic, terrifying, toe-counting experience.

Logan Radd was surfing on Tuesday, doing what he loves in familiar waters, when it happened.

“It’s the sea, and they’re out there and it was just my time to get bit.” Radd said.

Mother Jennifer Radd saw her son flinch, then watched as he came out of the water, bloody.

“I counted the toes, that was the first thing I did when I saw him and it was rinsed off...just like when he was born.”

All toes accounted for, but 19 stitches total. Mom drove him to the ER. Logan was consoling her the whole way. Radd has been surfing in competitions for the past 5 years. The family’s house in Satellite Beach is full of trophies and memories of awesome rides. Logan says this comes with the territory.

“I think it was a smaller shark, maybe a little black tip or something and it was hungry, it was chasing bait and it saw my foot.” Radd said.

This is the first shark bite in Brevard county in 2019. Some Brevard county residents have been bitten by sharks, but that’s while they were elsewhere in Florida. Logan says doctors told him he’ll have to wait about eight days before he can get back on the board.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Radd told us.

“So that's his personality with life. He’s a charger, surfing is his passion, he loves it, and he has mad respect for the ocean... like he told you.” Mrs. Radd explained.

Logan surfs seven days a week. Dad is a surfer, his older brother is a surfer. No permanent damage to the foot.