Shark statistics out for 2019 show Florida ranks No. 1 in US

Statistically speaking, sharks and Florida just go together. The numbers for 2019 are out and FOX 35 News talked with a shark expert about them.

Of all shark attacks in America last year, 51 percent happened in Florida last year. Globally, we accounted for 33 percent -- that’s according to the annual shark attack summary from the University of Florida.

Florida had 21 unprovoked shark attacks. That’s actually lower than average. Volusia County was the number one spot, Brevard county coming in second. 

Toby Daly-Engel teachers marine sciences at Florida Tech and lectures on shark behavior. She says sharks bite when they mistake humans for prey.

"So if you see a shark, it’s good not to splash around too much, just relax, be mellow, don’t act like bait," Daly-Engel said.

August of 2019 had three bites in 24 hours on the same beach: New Smyrna.

"You are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark." Daly-Engel said.