Shrimp boat gets stuck on Florida beach

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Crews in Ormond Beach on Tuesday attempted to remove a shrimp boat that got stuck on shore.  Oddly, the 77-foot boat came to rest near the site of an 1890s shipwreck. 

"Everyone on board was ok. We do not know what was wrong with the boat," said Capt. Tamra Malphurs with Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

Indiana tourists Janet and Tom Dale saw the boat in trouble after dinner Monday night. 

"We just went out on our balcony and watched," Janet explained.  "Could hear him rippin' the motor around trying to get squared around to where he could get back out," Tom added. 

The U.S. Coast Guard says its investigators, getting conflicting stories from the crew and do not know why the boat ran aground. In the meantime, Ormond Beach has a new, temporary tourist attraction.