Silent Trump supporters could throw off numbers. says pollster

With many polls showing Joe Biden in the lead over Donald Trump in Florida, some are questioning the accuracy of the numbers.

Analysts say white women with a college education are among voters who don't usually participate in polling over the phone and that could throw off the numbers.

"It looks like Biden’s gonna win, but there are some things out there that suggest, ya know maybe they’re missing it again," CEO of Mason Dixon Polling Brad Coker explains.

That’s what happened in 2016 when polls had Hillary Clinton leading Trump in Florida.  Coker said the numbers could very well be off again. 

"We saw four years ago, there was a group out there that didn’t show up in the polls, the pre-election polling, but showed up at the polls and voted," he says. "And who’s to say that it won’t happen again?"

He says some don’t want to get involved in controversial races over the phone to poll.

"So I’m always a little suspicious when I see polls where college-educated white women say they’re for Biden. I don’t completely buy that. Those are your 'shy' Trump voters. Those are the people that aren’t getting picked up, either because they don’t participate or they don’t want to tell you they’re for Trump because it’s socially unacceptable in their circle of friends."

Trump supporter Sue Mosley wishes more women would speak out for the president.

"I think we’re gonna have a lot of people that do that. Just don’t tell anybody and silently vote and that is the silent majority now isn’t it."

"I think they’re probably suspicious of the polls because polling took a hit in the last election," Coker adds. "Many times they’ll say they’re undecided."

He says there is an undecided average of about 5%.

"That’s why it’s difficult to tell. For me to say I authoritatively know exactly what’s going to happen based on my numbers, I would be a fool."

Coker says men tend to participate more for polls, rather than women over cell phones.