Sinkhole opens in front of Shands Hospital

There was a quick fix in Gainesville on Monday after a sinkhole opened up in front of the very busy UF Health Shands Hospital.  The sinkhole was approximately five feet wide, but the depth was not immediately known.

The hospital's spokesperson said they were first alerted to the sinkhole on Sunday.  A geo-engineer was expected to assess the situation.  Nobody was hurt and there isn't eminent danger or damage.  

Still, it was concerning for some. "It's kind of scary," said Wendy Wheeler.  “It's a sinkhole. There's a hole. Where I live, there's a sinkhole called 'Devil's Hole.' It's massive. It goes to the aquifer."

The hospital said a geological survey crew poured concrete into the sinkhole and it appears to be stabilized.
That crew will conduct more testing on Tuesday.