Social media helps deputies track down stolen truck

You could say this story showcases the crime fighting power of social media.  Marion County Sheriff’s Office affidavit said the victim reported his $12,000 Ford pickup truck the stolen from his locked home on the morning of January 2.  The affidavit said it’s possible the suspect found a spare key in the toolbox.  

The Sheriff’s Office said the victim, texted the picture to a friend.  That picture eventually wound up on Facebook, where it took off.   Lauren Lettelier, a spokesperson for the Marion County Sheriff’s said, “This case was 100 percent was solved because of social media.”

The victim’s friend, Joseph Kedzorski, said he saw the truck right in front of him in Ocklawaha, as he was looking at the online post.  Lettelier said the friend called 911.  “Our quick, fast-acting deputy was able to get behind that quick-fast-acting vehicle then start his pursuit,” she explained.

That car chase ended on foot along a dead-end street in Ocklawaha, where deputies arrested 27-year-old Jayr Joseph Dinsen, whom they said was behind the wheel.  The affidavit said Dinsen later admitted to smoking "meth" earlier that day.  Investigators are still working this case.

Lettelier said, “You can reach so many people on social media. That was key in this case. We really would like to applaud the deputy in this case.” The victim has his truck back and said he is “glad it returned in one peace.” He also said he is glad “that it worked out.”

Dinsen faces several charges including DUI, resisting an officer, and Grand Theft of a vehicle.